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Posted by Matt Bell on 12th November 2018

In this Market Trends we look at three largely forgotten Fords; the Mk2 Consul, Cougar and Probe. 


The Mk2 Consul brought a bit of modernisation to the Consul and Zephyr/Zodiac range, adding fins and chrome as well as a bigger interior for added comfort. While the Zodiac and Zephyr focused on the upper end of the market, the Consul satisfied the masses with a four-cylinder engine.

The useful introduction of key-operated ignition and starter increased security but also brought with it an upmarket feel. By the late ’50s you could even opt to have your Consul as well equipped as a Zodiac to give it a more luxurious ambience.

Price aggregator The Market has tracked Ford Consul prices over the last four years highlighting that prices have been fluctuating hugely over the last two years following a relative stable period. Average prices have dipped between £6000 and £10,000, with no signs of any stabilisation. We found a number of cars for sale on car and classic with prices starting at around £5000 for projects and £10,000 for better maintained examples.


The Cougar was Ford’s attempt at replicating the hugely successful Puma but on a slightly larger scale with bigger engines. The Cougar utilised the chassis from the Mondeo, which boasted the best handling characteristics in its class. It also borrowed the engine, too, in 2.0-litre Zetec guise. The car to have, though, is the 2.5-litre V6, which transformed the Cougar into a reasonably quick car.

While it wasn’t an out-and-out sprinter, grand touring was suited to the Cougar as it provided a calm, comfortable ride at speed, albeit with compromises on low-speed comfort. The interior isn’t the most inspiring place to be, but neither is it terrible; it ticked a box.

The Market has shown interesting changes in Ford Cougar prices. Up until around 2016, prices were flat-lining around £1000, but suddenly average prices suddenly jumped to £23,000, with a sale of a few cars climbing higher than £70,000. We’re not entirely sure what warranted this, but average prices have since fluctuated massively between £20,000 and £5000. In truth, these prices are somewhat inflated, with cars for sale generally sitting between £600 and £2000 for good examples.


The Ford Probe was hotly anticipated as enthusiasts awaited a ‘new Capri’ from the Blue Oval. Sadly, what the enthusiasts got was a mix’n’match from Mazda and Ford’s AutoAlliance International, which was headquartered in the States. Needless to say, it didn’t particularly sell well in the UK.

With that in mind, today the Probe is gaining a small cult following that are beginning to appreciate the intriguing looks of the Ford, despite the slightly underwhelming drive and poor mid-range performance.  

The Market’s data for Ford Probes is a little patchy with no consistent data helping to determine whether prices have risen and declined of late. It does suggest, however, that prices are hovering around £2000, which is in line with the cars we found for sale. Projects are likely to start around £600 with the best examples climbing to £2500.