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Posted by Matt Bell on 19th November 2018

In this Market Trends we look at three 100mph classics from the 1960s; the Triumph Spitfire Mk3, MGB and Lotus Elan…

Triumph Spitfire Mk3

The Mk3 Triumph Spitfire was arguably the best of the whole Spitfire range. It brought with it a revised front end, a new soft-top hood that was easier in operation, and of course, the biggest upgrade, the 1296cc engine under the bonnet.

The engine features an eight-port cylinder head that was based on the FWD Triumph 1300 which resulted in a jump in performance which saw the Spitfire hit exactly 100mph flat-out.

While price aggregator The Market had little data on the Mk3 Spitfire, we can see from adverts online that prices hover around the £13,000 mark depending on condition. Of course more original examples with fewer miles demand prices of over £20,000, while projects can start from as little as £4000.


The MGB needs little introduction here. Over an 18-year production run it went on to become the best-selling sports car of its time, which in turn defined British open-top sports cars the world over. In its day, the workings of the MGB were entirely up-to-date, which put it ahead of its rivals both in driver appeal and looks. The 1.8-litre B-series engine mated to a four-speed manual with overdrive was enough to allow the early MGBs to climb to a top speed of 105mph.

Today the cars enjoy a huge amount of support across the industry, meaning that should you wish to take on a project there’ll be plenty of parts to choose from.

The Market has a significant amount of data on MGBs from the ’60s and suggests that prices have enjoyed appreciation year-on-year for the past four years with the average figure now sitting comfortably around £16,000. With that in mind, you will still find a healthy number of good cars for around the £12,000 mark, with projects starting from as low as £5000.

Lotus Elan

The Lotus Elan was something of a giant-killer and is still revered today as something of a legend. While the Ferraris and Lamborghinis were going on to crack colossal top speeds, the likes of the Elan dominated the middle ground for a suitably reasonable asking price.

While flamboyancy was left to the Italians, Lotus focused on light weight and so needed only average power. This meant that a 115mph top speed was strong for its value, but more importantly, its acceleration up to this figure was enough to write home about.

The Market, has tracked Lotus Elan prices over the past four years, noting that prices have gone full swing: after experiencing three years of up and down values, prices are slowly depreciating to an average of £20,000.

While scouting for cars for sale, the average price sits well adverts we saw, with good Elans starting from £20,000 but rising to over £50,000 for FIA-spec race cars.