Fresh from their appearances on stage at the recent Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, Drew Pritchard and Paul Cowland will return to our screens with a fresh series of Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars next month.

In the new episodes, salvage expert Drew and experienced car dealer Paul renew their partnership in a bid to find, buy, fix-up and sell classic cars for a profit. As well as travelling to a variety of locations such as old country estates, auctions, motor museums and collectors’ homes to find suitable vehicles, they visit a wide range of specialists to provide the expertise needed to complete the projects successfully.

While Paul and Drew share a passion for cars, their different approaches occasionally bring about good-natured disagreements. Nevertheless, both are keen to strike deals and bring old motors back to their full glory.

Salvage Hunters

Featured in the new series will be 10 classics in all, spanning a period of over 40 years. Older examples include an MG TD, a Fiat 500, a Volvo Amazon and an NSU Ro80, while a Toyota MR2, a Porsche 944, a Renault Alpine GTA Turbo V6 and an iconic Renault Clio Williams satisfy the lust for modern classics.

The first episode of Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars will air exclusively on Quest at 9pm on January 8.