The iconic Mk2 Ford Escort could be going back into production if a plan by a British partnership comes to fruition.

Great British Sports Cars and Mk2 bodyshell supplier Motorsport Tools intend to build a 200+bhp road-legal version of the rear-wheel-drive Escort, to be available from next year.

The Mk2 Ford Escort was a massive hit, especially amongst the rally fraternity, with prices predictably high for a solid, original two-door car – particularly the sporting versions. The likelihood of damage from competition means that replacement bodyshells have long been in demand, with replacement shells available from Motorsport Tools for several years now.

The project will take the form of a wide-arched Group 4 rally car, tested to IVA requirements so it can be registered for road use. Motorsport Tools has already built a rolling chassis, which now sits in GBS’s Nottingham workshop awaiting a 2.5-litre Duratec engine and Mazda six-speed manual gearbox. The braking set-up will feature be AP callipers, while ATR coil-overs will help keep it planted. A roll cage will be a standard feature on all builds, with luxuries like carpets and power steering optional. however.

The cars are expected to cost around £60,000, while hardly cheap, it compares favourably to other ‘reborn’ cars on the market. The first fully working prototype is expected to be ready in six months’ time.