Mayor for London Boris Johnson wants to implement the plans as part of a new Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) scheme, aimed at cutting pollution in the capital. If successful, the legislation would come into force by 2020. London has frequently breached European Union air quality targets, claiming that lower tax incentives to buy diesel cars has exacerbated the problem.

It currently costs £11.50 to drive into the capital. Under the new rules, only Euro 6 compliant diesel engines would be exempt from the extra charges, making any diesel vehicle registered before January 1, 2015 liable.

This move puts enormous strain on small businesses using older cars and vans, effectively pinning them between a rock and a hard place – either upgrade your fleet or get hit by rising costs. Bus and taxi firms, enthusiasts using their classics to commute and private individuals using older vehicles all look set to lose out.

The ULEZ proposals still await a full consultation process before being implemented – but it seems like using our classics in the capital is once again under threat.