Top Tips
For many enthusiasts, Drive It Day marks the start of their classic’s season – many older vehicles are tucked up over the winter months.

  • Prepare the ground before the weekend! If your car is in storage, make sure it’s easy to pull the car in and out of the garage. If you haven’t visited in a while, things may have seized, stuck or deteriorated.
  • Ensure your car is fit before the event. Some Drive it Day events are static – others have cars covering distance. A test run before Sunday, April 24 should highlight any lurking problems.

  • MoT test bookings may pile up locally in anticipation; if your car needs testing, make the appointment sooner, rather than later!
  • If you haven’t already, pack a bag of basic spares – ignition parts, spare bulbs and so on – along with a set of tools should you need to make running repairs.
  • Some larger Drive It Day events require registration. Check with the organisers if you need to pre-book – on Sunday, April 24, check social media for any last minute itinerary changes, especially if you’re travelling from a long way away.