Having announced his intentions to ‘start a new Volvo club’, Kevin was inundated with communications from owners of older Volvos wanting to join a club solely dedicated to catering for all the classic models produced by the Swedish company.

The Volvo Enthusiasts’ Club (VEC) was originally formed to cover all Volvo cars over 15 years old, but this limitation was soon extended to embrace all out of production models and Volvo-engined vehicles; including boats, trucks, buses and earth-moving machinery. There’s currently about 1000 members in the VEC and membership isn’t just limited the UK with some classic Volvo owners located as far away as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Europe.

By joining the Club, owners of classic Volvo cars are able to tap in to a huge amount of knowledge appertaining to the preservation and correct maintenance of all out of production Volvo vehicles. As Volvo’s were very successful in classic motorsport, the Club also has its own race/rally technical co-ordinator and a large number of members make use of this very useful service.

Local VEC groups are active all around the UK and the Club holds an annual International Gathering. The Club can also loan members special Volvo workshop tools and has an ever-expanding library of technical manuals and parts lists for all the vehicles it covers.

Founder Kevin is one of the UK’s foremost experts on the P1800 series and was responsible for tracking down and organising the restoration of the Volvo 1800 used by Roger Moore in ‘Sixties TV programme, The Saint. After overcoming a few last minute snags, the restored Volvo took centre stage on the Club’s stand at the recent Footman James Classic Car Show.

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