StreetCar has been launched to bring new participants into grassroots motorsport, with a variety of low-cost options for owners of everyday unmodified cars

Tasked with bringing more enthusiasts into grassroots motor sport, an accessible new initiative has been launched by the governing body, Motorsport UK. The idea behind the StreetCar project is to overturn the long-held perception that motorsport is out of reach for most people, demonstrating that it’s affordable to just about any car owner – as well as being great fun.

A wide range of low-cost options is available via StreetCar, split into Autotest, Trials & Cross Country, and Rally sections. All 12 disciplines within those sections can be participated in with a standard unmodified road car without special safety kit. And to take part, only a free Motorsport UK RS Clubman licence is required.

Motorsport UK will work with its Regional Associations and motor sport clubs to promote clear entry into the disciplines, demonstrating what it calls “the ease in which newcomers to motor sport can get involved and how existing community members can try something new for the first time”.

Hugh Chambers, CEO at Motorsport UK, commented: “StreetCar is motor sport’s best kept secret. The 12 disciplines are affordable, can be enjoyed in any legal road-going car, and there are events held across the UK throughout the year. Our StreetCar campaign will help bring these events and our community to life… providing a framework for our clubs to attract new audiences, increase participation and deliver new club members.”

To support the growth of StreetCar, Motorsport UK will provide clubs with a framework enabling new and existing members to take part. Eight Motorsport UK clubs have already received StreetCar status, a list that comprises Anglia Motor Sport Club, Basingstoke Motor Club, Devizes & District Motor Club, Farnborough Motor Club, Isle of Wight Car Club, Loughborough Car Club, Middlesex County Automobile Club, and The Sporting Car Club of Norfolk.

The launch clubs have all signed up to the StreetCar Charter, pledging to bring new people into the sport and to help and guide them at events. Motorsport UK expects to have up to 50 clubs active in StreetCar across the UK by the end of 2022.

Meanwhile, Motorsport UK’s Bicester headquarters recently hosted the official launch of StreetCar, with its first event – an AutoSOLO – being held on the Bicester Heritage paddock. Motorsport UK’s StreetCar MINI was used by the participants, with seven-times British Autotest Champion, Alastair Moffatt, showing how it’s done at the top of the sport.

A dedicated StreetCar website and Facebook group (search ‘StreetCar’) have been established and will act as the first contact for anyone wanting to get involved. Those already interested in signing up and taking part own a wide range of classic and retro machinery, with many who are interested in Autotest and AutoSOLO events having everything from MGFs and Mazda MX-5s through to superminis and small hatches from the 1990s and noughties – perfectly fitting StreetCar’s focus on low-cost grassroots motorsport.

Participants are encouraged to sign up and outline the disciplines they’re most interested in. Motorsport UK will then provide tailored support on how to participate and where to find the most relevant StreetCar club and event. Once they’re ready to take part, they’ll be greeted at their first event by one of StreetCar’s officials, who will be responsible for engaging with every newcomer as they begin their motorsport journey.