Older cars still find themselves at risk thanks to scrappage incentives from a number of major manufacturers. Some brands are now offering as much as £6000 off a new car when an old vehicle is scrapped.

Major manufacturers running scrappage incentives include Citroën, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, MG, Mitsubishi, Renault, Toyota and Vauxhall. Ford offers an allowance of up to £4250 on cars and £6250 on certain commercials, but at up £6000 it’s Mazda who are among those offering the biggest discounts on new cars providing the model chosen has CO2 emissions below 143g/km.

With Mazda’s scheme, the car you scrap must have been registered before December 1, 2010, but for many others, cars only had to be registered before January 1, 2013. That means cars under seven years old can be accepted for scrappage.

What’s more, in the majority of cases, the cars submitted for the schemes have to be removed from the road permanently. Many manufacturers do this via CarTakeBack, which has a network of professionally managed authorised treatment facilities (ATFs).

In the past we’ve had reassurances from Vauxhall that any pre-1989 cars passed through the scheme will be reported to owners’ clubs and valuable parts saved. However, with so many manufacturers now offering scrappage incentives, we can only hope that the lessons from the government scheme of 2010 were learnt and that folk think twice before submitting potential classics for discount.