The threat of scrappage on older vehicles continues to loom large, with the news that Toyota has extended its scrappage scheme once again – this time until the summer.

The original government car scrappage scheme was launched in April 2009, in the wake of the 2008 global recession. It offered £2000 off the cost of a brand new car for anyone trading in a vehicle more than 10 years old, which was then scrapped.

There is no nationwide government scheme at present, but several manufacturers are offering discounts from list prices to encourage owners of older cars to trade them in for cleaner models – Toyota being one of them.  That means you can get £2000 off the cost of an Aygo and £2500 off a Yaris.

The offer applies to owners of a car registered up to and including June 30 2011, but they must have owned the car for at least six months. However, as critics have pointed out, it’s rather curious that a scheme aimed at putting cleaner cars on the roads excludes the Yaris Hybrid, which is the cleanest model in the Yaris range.

Toyota’s offer now runs until June 30, unless it should be extended again. Time will tell…