The Renault e-Plein Air was unveiled at the 4L Enthusiasts’ event over the weekend of 20-21 July.  It’s a joint project between Renault Classic, Renault Design and Melun Rétro Passion, who is a third-party parts reseller for older vehicles.

While full details are yet to be announced, it is said that the car uses the two-seater Renault Twizy’s 6.1kWh battery and weighs in at around 580kg in total. Acceleration is said to be in line with the original Renault 4.

It is not confirmed for production at the moment; but Renault Classic has said that it will monitor reactions from enthusiasts and potential customers in view of the car. With the arrival of the Honda e around the corner, we expect this retro-look Renault to make more appearances throughout the year before Renault announces a more stylish Zoe replacement.

But why do it if there are no plans to sell them? Renault Classic said: “The electrification of iconic cars (Ladybug, Mini, Fiat 500, 2CV, Mehari, …) is a trend in the background. It seemed important that the Renault 4 be represented in this trend. It is also a way to show the know-how of Renault – leader in this market – in electric vehicles.”

With so many manufacturers now turning to electrifying heritage models, is this a good thing or should they leave their heritage alone? Let us know your thoughts.

Renault e-Plein Air