An all-new electric Renault 5 is coming to showrooms, complete with retro styling and a sporty Alpine version

As part of its ‘Renaulution’ strategy, Renault has confirmed that the reimagined and electrified Renault 5 previewed earlier this year will be making it to production, with a performance model sold under its Alpine brand.

Slated to be on sale from 2024, the regular model will use a 134bhp motor, with the Alpine getting a 215bhp version. The bigger motor is physically longer than the regular unit, so with it mounted transversely expect the Alpine to feature chunky boxed arches in the spirit of the original Renault 5 Turbo.

The Alpine versions of the classic Renault 5 were marketed as Gordini models in the UK, since Chrysler owned the rights to the name. However, following the successful revival of the Alpine brand in the UK, the reborn R5 will wear the ‘correct’ badging. It also looks set to be one of the first all-electric hot hatchbacks on sale.

Renault predicts the R5 EV will cost around a third less than its current entry-level electric car, the Zoe, while its ‘4Ever’ concept teased at a recent announcement clearly suggests a reimagined Renault 4 may be on the cards too (see gallery below).

Renault is not the first manufacturer to look to the past for inspiration as the electric revolution looms. The Honda e electric city car is inspired by the Mk1 Civic and sports plenty of 70s retro touches, while the forthcoming Hyundai Ioniq 5 has its roots in the boxy, Giugiaro-designed Pony of the 1980s. The Korean brand even cemented its retro inspiration with an officially restomodded Pony coupe.