With classic car workshops closed and owners keen to have their cars ready for when restrictions are lifted, Alvis’s parts division Red Triangle is offering its customers free technical support to help them to undertake jobs at home.

Though Alvis effectively died in 1968, its stock of chassis, engine blocks and other components, plus all the plans, drawings and data sheets, were transferred to Red Triangle. The Kenilworth firm relaunched the marque as The Alvis Car Company a decade ago, and shortly after launched the first of its ‘continuation’ cars – almost entirely faithful brand-new examples of its original models.

Whilst its own workshop is now closed, Red Triangle is still able to ship genuine parts to owners around the world and has sought ways it could help them to do work themselves.

“We took the decision to temporarily close our workshop but understand that Alvis owners are considering doing jobs at home, some they may be tackling for the first time,” said Alvis director Alan Stote. “We have assigned one of our experienced factory technicians, who has access to drawings, factory service manuals and parts catalogues, to respond to customer queries.

“We hope that this scheme might give owners the confidence to tackle new jobs and sometimes just knowing somebody is there to ask, is all that’s needed.”

Alvis owners can email enquiries@redtriangle.co.uk with the opportunity to share images or videos of issues they encounter.