In this episode of On Your Marques, Phil Weeden and Jack Grover talk about Honda and its engineering excellence across the decades with cars like the Civic, NSX and S2000.

When it comes to the cutting edge of automotive technology, the Japanese marques have always been ahead of the game. This is especially true for Honda, who’s engineering excellence spreads not just into the car motoring sector, but also motorbikes, lawnmowers, jet skis, planes, robots and more.

Not only are its cars technologically impressive, but they also represent some of the most reliable vehicles made as well as being efficient and sporting. Cars like the Honda Civic, Insight, NSX and S2000 represent advancements in hybrid technology as well as mastering variable valve timing with VTEC as well as creating an everyday supercar that would have the likes of Ferrari questioning its products.

Not only do the pair talk about Honda’s engineering excellence, they also discuss whether its partnership with Rover should have been maintained and question why Honda doesn’t enjoy the massive market share it deserves. This and more Honda memories within.

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