Providing classic car fans with a winter fix from the comfort of their own home, Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars is to return to TV screens early in the New Year.

The brand new series will once again see salvage supremo Drew Pritchard and experienced car dealer Paul Cowland join forces to source, restore and sell on a wide variety of classic motors for a profit.

Drew has made his name in buying and selling antiques, but it’s his passion for cars that underlines this series. His deal-making skills and expert eye are complemented by Paul’s extensive mechanical knowledge and business acumen, but with Drew’s passion and Paul’s slightly more pragmatic approach occasionally causing sparks to fly, the new series promises to be an entertaining watch.

A prime is example is when the pair pick up a Jaguar XJS. Fitted with an aftermarket body kit, Drew wants to strip the car back down to its bare bones and return it to its original best, but Paul has reservations over the scale of the job. It’s this chemistry that only adds to the show, mirroring the battles that so many classic car enthusiasts have in their own minds.

Fans we’re given a sneak preview of one of the new episodes at the NEC Classic Motor Show, featuring a Lancia Delta Integrale, while another of the cars from the series was unveiled on stage. Stored in a barn for 15 years, the BMW 635CSi has been beautifully restored, even down to £1400-worth of new Metric TRX tyres.

Drew and Paul are quick to pay tribute to their army of artisans and restoration experts, who work tirelessly to bring these classic cars back to life. From a specially commissioned wicker-effect paint pattern for an old Morris Minor to restoring steering wheels for classic sports cars, they tackle a whole host of different jobs.

“We are going to showcase, post-Brexit, all those amazing people who still make cool stuff in this country,” said Paul. “The show is less about us – the cars are obviously very important – and more about the people; these lovely family business that are hopefully where the industry is going.”

The new series of Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars begins at 9pm on Wednesday January 16 next year on Quest, featuring star cars ranging from popular everyman classics like the Renault 4 and Morris Minor Traveller through to from Italian performance models like the Maserati Ghibli. And best of all, it doesn’t end there. Paul has confirmed that we can expect another three seasons of classic car restoration action after next year’s run is complete.