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Posted by Matt Bell on 19th May 2020

In February, before the current shut down, Classic Motor Cars (CMC) started work on restoring one of the world’s rarest cars – the Aston Martin Bulldog.

Styled by William Towns, the Bulldog is a one-off concept car created by Aston Martin in the late 1970s to showcase the capabilities of its new engineering facility. Its current owner has sent it to Shropshire specialist CMC for a full restoration, after which the plan is to run the car at over 200 mph and take it on a world tour.

Back in period, Aston Martin believed that the car was capable of well in excess of 200 miles per hour thanks to its low drag coefficient and twin-turbo 5.3-litre V8 producing over 600bhp. However, the project was deemed too expensive when Victor Gauntlet became chairman of Aston Martin in 1981. The Bulldog was close to its target having reached 192mph at Millbrook, which was still enough to confirm its position as the fastest road car of all time for over six years.

Nigel Woodward, Managing Director at CMC, said: “We thought would be able to get on with the 18-month restoration and regularly share the progress with the media. However, that was not to be, and we had to stop work a few weeks later.

“In the meantime, the break has allowed us to do even more research on the car. The initial publicity received from when we announced the restoration has resulted in people sending us a number of historical pictures we had not seen before. These will help us when we get the restoration underway again.”