Alvis Car Company reports sales of five cars in the first month of opening its showroom post-lockdown

Modern and classic car showrooms alike have reopened their doors over the past month as lockdown continues to ease – and good-news stories have started filtering through.

One such success story comes from Alvis Car Company, based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, which reopened its showroom last month and has already sold five period cars

“There has been clearly been pent-up demand to come to the showroom, as that’s an unprecedented volume of cars sold in a single month for us,” said owner Alan Stote. “It’s been a mix of pre- and post-war too, with everything from a 1931 saloon through to a 1964 DHC selling this month.”

“We introduced videos of all the cars, but some of our stock could be 90 years old,” Stote said. “It’s always good to see and try the car and talk to our sales or workshop staff to understand how we can easily support ownership and enjoying the car.”

Alvis’ showroom forms part of the original works, where the firm now produces its hand-built Continuation Series cars. The firm also runs its Red Triangle service and restoration workshop, as well as offering guests a chance check their Alvis – or any prospective purchase – against an on-site archive, which covers all cars built during Alvis’ 101-year history. “Interest in the marque is high, with our Continuation Series reminding enthusiasts we are very much alive,” added Stote.

Alvis’ Continuation Series includes the Vanden Plas Tourer, Bertelli Sports Coupe, Lancefield Concealed Hood, Park Ward DHC and Graber Coupe and Cabriolet.

The news comes in the wake of other classic car outlets reporting good sales as the coronavirus lockdown continues to ease. Classic Car Auctions achieved a 90% sale rate at its Spring Live Auction in March, while Morris Leslie’s first classic sale of 2021 saw 41 cars change hands.