In an exclusive interview for the January 2021 issue of Volksworld Camper & Bus magazine, Ewan McGregor talks about his Volkswagen history, from childhood memories in a Bug to his latest 1967 T2 Westfalia.

There are tales told of his very first car, a 1978 Beetle with some regrettable modifications right up to more recent road trip stories with his family. He may be a Golden Globe winning actor and an OBE recipient for his contributions to drama and charity, but Ewan remains fully grounded when it comes to his love for classic Volkswagens.

In this excerpt from the interview, he talks through his fleet: “I use the Beetles to run around in, going to shops, picking up groceries. The Camper is for special occasions. You take it to go picnic or to the beach. During Covid though, I had the Westfalia set up on my property to do the kids’ online classroom work. The only issue was that mice got inside when it sat outside. Anyway, they didn’t do much damage – at least they had a nice home for a while.”

When Ewan McGregor drives in one of his air-cooled rides, folks often come to talk about their own VWs, not recognising him as an actor. “Everybody used to have a classic VW, especially here in California,” he said.

That’s not the limit to his air-cooled antics, so be sure to check out the January 2021 issue of Volksworld Camper & Bus for the full eight-page interview including details on his wonderful 1967 T2 Westfalia camper-come-classroom. The issue, which also includes features on the history of Dormobile and a Subaru-powered classic bus, can be found in shops or direct from the Kelsey Store