We were thrilled to attend the recent RingMechanika event in Leeds. We were excited to get a glimpse of the extensive range of products and see how Ring has evolved into one of the most respected and trusted brands in the automotive industry.

A Legacy of Quality and Customer Commitment

Ring Automotive, the premium quality automotive lighting and auto electrics supplier, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Since its inception in 1974, Ring has remained committed to providing quality products to the aftermarket while prioritising customer relationships. A company that started by distributing bulbs has now grown into a leader in various areas of the automotive industry. With a presence in over 40 countries and 25 product ranges, Ring has established itself as a global force.

Throughout its 50 years, Ring has consistently identified market changes and addressed the needs of drivers and technicians. One notable example is when modern stop-start technology was introduced, putting more pressure on vehicles’ electric systems. Ring promptly responded by introducing smart battery chargers into its product range. These offer both motorists and technicians a wide array of options.

Ringing in the Celebrations: Marking 50 Years in Style

To mark their 50th year in business, for 2024 Ring has planned an unforgettable celebration for everyone associated with the company. Limited edition gifts include a custom-designed Lego kit and a specially brewed Yorkshire beer — a nod to their commitment to quality and heritage.
Additionally, RingMechanika, their annual event held at their headquarters in Leeds, continues to attract industry professionals and enthusiasts alike, making it an essential event in the automotive aftermarket calendar.

Andy Gratton, Managing Director for Ring, expressed his excitement and pride in reaching this significant milestone: “I’m honoured to be at the helm of this company for a huge milestone in our history, and we’re looking forward to making 2024 our best year yet!”

RingMechanika: A Must-Attend Event for Customers

RingMechanika has now become a must-attend event for customers, journalists, and industry professionals. The event showcases Ring’s current and new product offerings under both the Ring and parent company OSRAM brands. It provides an opportunity for guests to be among the first to experience these innovations. Visitors also have access to Ring and OSRAM’s lighting lab, where bulbs are tested for compliance with current legislation and maximum road illumination.

Showcasing the Latest Products and Innovations

Among the impressive range of products on display, there were a few new additions that caught our eye. They included:

  • New MAGflex 1000 inspection lamps – further increasing the already impressive MAGflex range, the new MAGflex 1000 is an LED strip light that can be twisted, bent and contorted into all kinds of shapes, making it incredibly versatile for multiple uses.
  • RBAG950 Battery Analyser is a versatile diagnostic tool for 12V and 24V vehicles, capable of testing battery health, alternator function, and earth connections. You can immediately print the results via an integrated thermal printer or store them on an SD card.
  • RTK6 Flat Tyre Repair Kit is a quick and easy solution for sealing punctures up to 6mm in tyres. The kit includes the tyre sealant and a RAC610 Air Compressor for even sealant distribution. The repaired tyre is safe to drive for up to 125mi at 50mph, allowing plenty of opportunity to get to safety and arrange for a replacement tyre or puncture repair.
  • OSRAM Night Breaker 220 high-performance bulbs is a high-performance halogen headlight bulb that offers 220% more brightness, a beam reaching up to 150 meters, and 20% whiter light! It’s a must-have for improved visibility and safety on the road.

RingMechnika 2024 a huge success

Henry Bisson, Marketing Director at Ring, shared his enthusiasm for the success of RingMechanika. He said, “What a way to celebrate our 50th birthday! RingMechanika proved to be an excellent event and well worth all of the time and effort our team puts into it. We’re already planning next year and can’t wait to see its continued success.”

“RingMechanika is a really important event for us. It’s a chance to connect with customers, to have more in-depth discussions and understand how we can support them. Plus, the feedback we get from customers about our products and services ensures we constantly improve what we do. It is also useful for product ideas. It means we can meet challenges end-users may be facing head-on with new and innovative products,” he continues.

We applaud Ring Automotive on reaching this impressive milestone and continuing to provide top-quality products that enhance the driving experience. We look forward to making use of their future innovations and products for many years to come.