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Posted by Matt Bell on 2nd December 2020

After years of neglect, the Silver Spirit is now firmly into classic territory. With aftermarket support booming and numerous modern refinements, could it be the Rolls-Royce you drive every day?

With thanks to IntroCar and Nigel Sandell, we get behind the wheel of a Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit to see not only how good of a daily driver it is, but also investigate how easy ownership is. With the likes of IntroCar offering plenty of support when it comes to the aftermarket, it makes owning one more of a reality than you think.

The car we’re driving here is technically a Silver Spur, a 1997 example. According to Paul, it’s just as easy to drive in traffic as the Shadow we drove recently, with visibility very good for a car of its size.

Managing Director of IntroCar, John Tupper, also offers some good advice when it comes to owning and driving Rolls-Royces like this Silver Spirit, the most important one being to actually drive it. He goes on to to say that for every £1 you spend on fuel, you’ll save £2 in maintenance costs by using it.

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