Based at the Heritage Centre in Park Street, Luton, visitors will be able to view the company’s collection for free, including over 60 veteran, vintage and post-war Vauxhalls from 1903 to modern times, as well as a number of unique concept cars.

This year, the Vauxhall Heritage Centre’s Open Day will highlight two important milestones in the history of Vauxhall. For 2015, we’re celebrating 40 years since the ground-breaking Cavalier was launched in the UK, which set a new precedent for family cars and became an iconic model for Vauxhall.

Also celebrating its 40th anniversary is the Chevette, based on Vauxhall’s first adoption of a GM world-car platform. In a modern world full of popular superminis, the Chevette forged the way for a new generation of impressive small vehicles and was instrumental in reviving the Vauxhall brand.

And if that wasn’t enough, Vauxhall’s Lotus Carlton will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. It was famed for being the world’s fastest four-door saloon at 176mph.

The open day will run from 10am to 4pm with food and refreshments on sale, as well as entertainment including pedal cars and face painting for children. The day is perfect for all ages of car enthusiasts, and a great way for all the family to celebrate a collection of anniversaries.