According to senior committee member Mark Alford, the Bristol Owners’ Club currently has around 840 members worldwide, with over 600 of them based in the UK. Most members are proud owners of a Bristol car and the Club also enjoys the official support of Bristol Cars and parent company Frazer Nash.

The Club not only covers all models of Bristol – past, recent and (hopefully) future – it also looks after the interests of all Bristol-engined cars, such as the numerous Frazer Nash models, the Cooper Bristol and the AC Greyhound. One of the Club’s major highlights of last year was being involved with the official opening of the newly restored Pegasus House; the former headquarters of the Bristol Aeroplane Company and its car division in Filton, where a pair of Bristol cars provided the personal transport for the Royal party who performed the opening ceremony.

The main club events throughout the year include an annual concours competition, which takes place at various locations throughout the UK, a new members’ lunch and a gathering of Bristol cars at the Albert Memorial in London. Members receive a monthly newsletter as well as a magazine three times a year.

There are numerous regional events planned each year, details of which can be found on the Bristol Owner’s Club’s