The iconic Golf Cabriolet turns 40 this year, and the Bremen Classic Motorshow is set to celebrate its anniversary. Over February 1-3, various VW clubs and organisations will be in attendance to best represent this distinctive model that followed in the footsteps of its open-top Beetle forebear. Volkswagen Classic will also be displaying two Golf Cabrios with and without the trademark roll-bar that has been a part of its image until the sixth-generation car did without in 2011.

The final Golf Cabriolet was made in 2016, with 770,039 cars produced since its release in 1979. Its style inspired many imitators and has generated a cult following ever since, making its 40 year celebration all the more significant today. The original car, based on the Mk1 Golf, was replaced by a Mk2 iteration in 1983 but was essentially treated to a small facelift and not much else. Even 1993’s Golf Mk3 Cabriolet kept its original character including the roll-bar and stumpy rear deck, although by now the folded roof was much more neatly stowed. Technology brought forward safety, comfort and performance while maintaining the model’s classic style.

Production finally ended in 2001, and it was only ten years later that a warmly welcomed new version was offered again to the public. Today, we can look back at the history of the Golf Cabrio, whether at Bremen Classic Motorshow or from afar. Into the future, we can look forward to the prospect of a T-Roc cabriolet. The spirit of the open top VW should live on.