Vauxhall enthusiasts are searching for a record breaking number Viva GTs in order to celebrate the model’s 50th birthday…

The Viva Owners’ Club, The Viva Outlaws Club and the Viva Drivers’ Club want to track down as many GTs as possible to mark the occasion during the All Vauxhall Rally (Vauxhall Bedford Opel Association 2018).

Taking place at the Market Harborough Show Ground between Saturday, July 14 and Sunday, July 15, the party is open to all Viva HBs; no bunting was set out for its 1966 birthday because of the tiny number of cars still extant.

“We are encompassing all HBs; that’s the entire HB range, from Deluxe, SL, Estate, SL90, Deluxe 90, Brabham, Crayford Conversions and, of course, the GT,” explained Viva Outlaws spokesperson Guy Turner . “My dream would be to get 50 or more GTs together, but I know that’s a pipe dream,” he added.

Interested owners are urged to e-mail club organisers Guy or Marcus as soon as possible.