The EU is planning to update and improve current tyre labelling regulations. Legislation was first introduced in November 2012 requiring all tyres to carry labels with information about their fuel efficiency, wet grip and the amount of road noise generated.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “Strengthening the tyre labelling regulations is good news for UK motorists and road safety generally as good tyres are vital for keeping vehicles in contact with the road surface.

“Currently, there is no requirement for tyre fitters to show labels at the point of purchase so motorists are oblivious to the pros and cons of the tyres they are buying. As a result few motorists are shown the labels when buying tyres, leaving them completely in the dark about the three ratings of fuel efficiency, wet grip and passing noise. Updating the regulations should fix this by making it mandatory for tyre labels to be shown to motorists in all situations.

“Information on tyres’ snow and ice performance is going to be included which will be very beneficial. The labels are also being future-proofed as the amended regulations allow for the addition of other useful information such as ratings for mileage, wear and a potential indication for re-treaded tyres.”