Visitors to the World of Top Gear display at Beaulieu’s National Motor Museum are now able to experience a closer look at the vehicles the team customised in Series 27 of the popular TV show.

Taking pride of place are the electric cars driven by the show’s presenters Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris as well as Paddy McGuinness’ seriously modified bright blue Daimler hearse that the team christened the ‘Overtaker’.

These cars line up alongside the rare Matra Bagheera and Austin Allegro Estate that survived the Borneo jungle experience featured in episode four. Anyone who’s seen this episode will remember how these rare cars were forced to negotiating the jungle’s rough and unforgiving terrain, though they have at least survived for visitors to witness.

The electric cars include the Triumph Spitfire Chris Harris converted to an EV after discarding the engine; the Subaru Brat that Freddie had converted while secretly keeping its boxer flat four under the bonnet and Paddy’s Nissan Leaf modified to make it look a lot sportier.

Visitors to Beaulieu can all see all these Top Gear cars as part of a general admission ticket to the Beaulieu experience. Visit or call 01590 612345 for more information.