With the school year ending and many more people expected to have staycations this summer rather than travelling abroad, drivers of classic cars look set to face greater levels of traffic and a greater strain on their vehicle.

Research by VisitBritain/VisitEngland shows that coastal towns and pretty countryside villages are being considered for domestic breaks, with the South West of England and Scotland the leading destinations. With routes to popular spots set to be even busier than usual, Highways England is urging motorists to check their vehicles before travelling.

RAC Breakdown spokesperson Rod Dennis added: “A large proportion of drivers in England are desperate to reconnect with friends, family and indeed nature by staying overnight. This could lead to some busy conditions on the roads, with the location of queues likely to be dependent on just how far people travel.”

It’s a fact of life that all vehicles are susceptible to a mechanical failure, but age limits on certain breakdown policies and increased costs for classic car cover suggests most companies believe older vehicles to be at greater risk. What’s more, many will have spent prolonged periods in storage during lockdown and may have deteriorated while idle.

Now though, with enthusiasts keen to make up for lost time after lockdown and events beginning to restart, coupled with fewer people spending their summers in far flung destinations, we can expect even more classics on our roads than usual. While most owners will check the vehicles, it’s important to ensure your classic can cope with the harsher test that warm temperatures and heavy traffic may bring. What’s more, having the correct breakdown cover in place will get you out of trouble should the worst happen. If you plan on frequent hot weather use, it’s also a good idea to seek advice from relevant owners’ clubs regarding procedures and upgrades.