When it comes to car insurance, the quest for cheaper policies with the maximum amount of coverage can be a stressful process. Classic car owners know that every key piece of information they provide can alter their policy drastically and quite often, comparison sites are not asking the right questions. This can result in either the driver not being correctly covered in certain circumstances or perhaps the driver being charged more for a policy that isn’t correctly suited to them.

An insurance quote system uses a number of algorithms that determines the risk of you claiming, so minute details that you may not deem that important can make a huge difference. To help better understand how to get the correct policy at the best prices, we spoke with Andrew Evanson, Senior Operations Manager for Lancaster Insurance, for some tips on how to save money.


  1. Rather than visiting price comparison websites, go direct to a specialist classic broker who understands the market and which you can trust. They should be able to find a tailored policy for your classic which will ensure you’ve got the correct cover and that you’re paying the correct amount.
  2. On any policy, your premium is likely to increase as the number of miles you drive increases, so when speaking to a broker, be careful not to overestimate annual mileage and be as accurate as you can.
  3. Car clubs bring together people from all walks of life to share a common passion for classic cars and are a great way of meeting fellow enthusiasts. If you’re a member be sure to tell your insurer as they might be able to give you a discount on your policy.
  4. If you have an unusual, rare or modified classic, it’s best to talk to your broker over the phone. They’ll be able to talk in detail about your vehicle and help find ways of reducing the cost, whilst still ensuring you have the right, bespoke policy for your needs.
  5. Try to ensure that you do not let your cover expire after 12 months. This will ensure that the price you have been quoted is valid, as it may contain a continuous cover discount.