This year celebrates the 110th anniversary of an incredible achievement by one very special automobile – the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost registered as AX201.

To publicise the qualities of its 40/50hp model in 1907, Rolls-Royce selected one chassis (60551) and clothed it in a Barker & Co. body. The managing director at the time, Claude Johnson, decreed this particular car would be silver in colour with green leather seating, while the lamps and fittings would be silver-plated. He named the car the ‘Silver Ghost’.

This particular vehicle would enter the history books, not just for its magnificent appearance but also for the unique records it set throughout the dawn of motoring. In May 1907, the RAC officially observed the start of the Ghost’s journey from Bexhill on the South Coast to Glasgow, as it proceeded to ‘recce’ the proposed route for that year’s Scottish Six Day Trial, followed by a return trip to London. In June the trip was taken again and following the completion of this trial and securing of the gold medal, the Silver Ghost headed south to establish a new world record of running without voluntary stops – the equivalent of 27 Glasgow to London trips had been made covering 14,371 miles without a major breakdown.

Rolls-Royce and Bentley owners from around the world will gather at the Brooklands circuit on Wednesday, June 7, to commence a Round Britain Tour, which will see drivers commemorating this feat across 18 days and over 2000 miles.

It’s a double celebration of the marque, as this year is also the diamond jubilee of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club; a global organisation with roots dating back to ‘Fifties Oxford. Organised by the Silver Ghost Register, the Tour will see around 50 owners taking part, with the earliest machine dating from 1907 and each decade represented up to the current model from Goodwood.

Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States have entrants shipping their pride and joy to join with Club members from across Europe. All being well, Silver Ghost AX201 will also be present, observing the departure from Brooklands and the first leg heading south on to a stop-over in Dorset. Devon follows before drivers turn north, taking in Wales then the Lake District. Glasgow will be the stop-over on the Thursday, June 15, before the Tour passes through Pitlochry, before heading to Edinburgh, crossing the border, and returning south along a western route via Harrogate and into Lincolnshire. Here, drivers have the option of attending the weekend’s RREC Annual Rally at Burghley House in Stamford on the Friday, June 23.

To find out more about this incredible adventure, see the RREC Silver Ghost Register