Classics World test drives and reviews the 1993 Porsche 968 Sport…

The Porsche 968 is not a car that springs to many Porsche enthusiasts minds, let alone petrol heads in general. It’s almost the forgotten Porsche; the one that when you show someone a picture of there’ll remember, but won’t know much about. Those who do know the car will most likely point to the Club Sport variant, which was most famously alluded to by two-time WRC champ Walter Rohl as the best handling car to come out of Stuttgart (that he’d driven); quite some praise then.

The car that I drove most recently was the Sport version (currently for sale with Purser and Luxford in St. Ives), which is essentially a toned down version of the Club Sport. Featuring a similarly firm chassis but with added luxuries inside, the Sport is the happy medium between the all-guns-blazing and much more expensive Club Sport and the regular 968.

1993 Porsche 968 Sport

The 968 drives as a Porsche should; it feels not all that dissimilar to a 993 of similar age, albeit a little on the heftier side so less pokey and less focussed. That being said, it does have a wonderful balance, which is supported by a firm suspension that can feel jittery on particularly bad roads, but equally provides confidence when pressing on. The damping on this car is solid providing no issues for the next owner.

The engine revs beautifully through the range, with that 3.0-litre four-pot unit benefiting from variable valve timing that provides a gutsy but accessible punch wherever you are in the range. It’s enjoyed most at the top of the range, though, producing a unique note that entices you to the red line. It’s a strong motor with ample power (240bhp) to thrill you on any road without getting you into too much trouble.

Gearboxs in Porsches of this era can feel a little loose on change, with the clutch feeling particularly heavy, but the ‘box in this particular car felt largely balanced. The fairly meaty clutch made you aware that you were doing all the work, while the gearbox provided silky smooth shifts.

1993 Porsche 968 Sport

Interior & Exterior
The exterior is in good condition but suffering from the regular problems a 25 year old car suffers from; stone chips. It’s not hugely noticeable from the off, but look closer around the famous crest on the bonnet and you’ll notice them.

Guards Red is probably the best colour that classic Porsches can come in and this example is no different. The previous owner (of 10 years) has clearly spent time looking after the bodywork as there’re no obvious blemishes to note. It should be mentioned that Porsche Club GB stickers are on the car, as well as a 968 owners club sticker, which suggests the previous owner was a Porsche enthusiast and took pride in his car sparing little expense. You can also see this in the history files, with plenty of receipts and service stamps present.

The interior is in good condition, too. The seat bolsters are suffering from cracking, but the remainder of the leather is actually in beautiful condition. It may be entirely possible to bring the life back into the bolsters to match the rest of the interior, should the next owner wish to.

The only other notable point to mention with the interior is the aftermarket immobiliser and stereo. The radio does take some of the nostalgia away, but makes sense if you were to use the car on a daily basis. The immobiliser manual is present in the logbook so you can check up on the manufacturer and how it works.

1993 Porsche 968 Sport

On the whole this is another brilliant car offered by Purser and Luxford. The 968 Sport is rare in itself, but doesn’t lose any of that typical Porsche driving dynamics that we’ve grown to know and love. It’s a great entry point into ‘90s Porsche ownership, given 993’s are driving up in price. It’s not the cheapest example by any stretch, but with good history to support a lot of work which has been carried out and a previous Porsche enthusiast owner; it’s a car that wants for nothing essential.