The Association of Heritage Engineers is planning to reintroduce the title of ‘Master Craftsman’ into heritage engineering to recognise the amazing heritage skills that exist all over the world. 

The AoHE was set up at the beginning of last year to promote the sharing of skills and experience across all of the Heritage engineering world, with this new accolade set to build on the good work so far. In association with the trade, the AoHE will put together a panel of industry figures who will select candidates put forward by businesses, colleagues and other organisations. It will be based strictly on merit and contributions to the industry.

The AoHE hopes this will not only help honour and respect the amazingly talented men and women within heritage engineering but also inspire young people entering the business to be nominated, elevating apprentice-based training to the position of respect that it deserves.

Initially, the AoHE is looking for nominees for the selection panel, which will comprise of 10 people to be rotated every two years. The initial panel selection will be chosen by the AoHE board of Honorary Vice Presidents.

Please send nominations with a supporting statement or put yourself forward for the selection panel by contacting Dominic Taylor-Lane via The website can be found at