A new type of classic car magazine is set to hit newsstands this Friday (May 17), produced by the owners of Classics World, Kelsey Media. Retro Cars is a reinvention of an established title, but rather than focus on modified cars, it will concentrate on a rapidly growing but under-represented area of the scene often frequented by younger enthusiasts – affordable new-age classic cars from the 1980s through to the mid-2000s.

In the first issue, the team tale an in-depth look at the Ford Focus, pit the Mk 2 Mazda MX-5 against the Mk 3 Toyota MR2, look at cheaper alternatives to modern classic icons, compare variants of VW Golf Mk1-4 and even compete in the Sunday Cup with a Mazda Demio.

The magazine will be published every eight weeks and be edited by Craig Cheetham, who was Deputy Motoring Editor for Auto Express back when most of the cars that star in the mag were brand new. “These are probably the last generation of cars that are within the scope of straightforward home maintenance, while still being rewarding to own and drive,” he said. “We’re seeing the best examples of these cars being increasingly more cherished by car enthusiasts, who see them as an inexpensive way of having an unusual and enjoyable car that’s perfectly suitable for everyday use. These enthusiasts are the core of the market we’re aiming for.”

Kelsey Media Managing Director Phil Weeden added: “There are other titles out there that serve enthusiasts of the more modern generation of classic cars, but they tend to focus on high-end, thoroughbred models. Retro Cars is very different. These are the cars that we grew up with, that our readers will remember owning and driving, or being driven to school in, or craving for during their teenage years. There’s a big gap in the magazine market for the increasingly popular enthusiasm for these new-age future classics and I’m hugely excited by the potential that Retro Cars has to grow and serve this market.”

Among the editorial team are Tom Barnard, formerly Auto Express Motoring Editor, Ian Seabrook of Hubnut video fame, Classic Car Buyer Features Editor Sam Skelton and Paul Walton, a former Top Gear journalist and editor of Retro’s sister title, Jaguar World.