The launch of the Triumph TR7 convertible four years after the hard-top was yet another example of a missed opportunity for British Leyland. While not everyone admired the look of theTR7 coupé, few could deny that the convertible was a handsome beast. This two-seater’s transformation from hard-top to rag-top was one of the most aesthetically successful in a very long time.

The TR7 convertible was undeniably rakish too, leading Triumph to launch this classic advert with a rocket theme, right at the end of the model’s life. And the company seemed genuinely sorry to see it go: “Driving a TR7 is like going into orbit. Sadly, though, it will soon be a blast-off from the past. Because after this autumn, the TR7 will no longer be made. So it’s already a collector’s item and the countdown has started.”

The end of the long-running TR line was almost upon us. Sad times.