Of all the many derivatives of the Series III Land Rover built throughout the ’Seventies and early ’Eighties, it’s the pick-ups that were among the most useful and versatile.

Whether it was a farmer going to the rescue of a stricken lamb or a forestry worker accessing some remote spot, Land Rover pick-ups were a popular choice with all sorts of buyers – not least because they were just about unstoppable when the going got tough.

This 1978 brochure for the Series III pick-up featured both the long-wheelbase (109-inch) and short-wheelbase (88-inch) models in all their glory, although it’s the latter that’s shown here.

The 88-inch pick-up was available with a choice of 2286cc petrol or diesel engines, and was a particularly tempting choice for buyers who didn’t need the extra carrying capacity of the LWB. As the brochure explained, this was Land Rover’s “go-anywhere, do-anything workhorse of the range”, describing it as a “high-mobility vehicle under any circumstances”.