In 1970, Reliant was suggesting that its long-running Regal wasn’t just for ex-motorcyclists. In fact, the Tamworth firm insisted that buying the latest Regal was “sheer logic”, and proceeded to offer seven reasons as to why a three-wheeler made more sense than a conventional four-wheeled car.

These included the fact that the Regal could top 60mpg, its tax disc cost £10 annually (instead of £25), insurance premiums could be as low as £10 a year, and the HP deposit required to purchase was several pounds less than for a normal car.

Equally good news was that the glassfibre-bodied Regal wouldn’t rust, its depreciation levels were low, while maintenance was simplicity itself: “The engine block is all-aluminium like a Rolls-Royce’s” explained this ad. So the overall message was that it made a lot of sense to lose that extra wheel: “No fourth wheel? So you’re £1.10 a week better off”.