Rambler Classic & American

We all know that the ‘Nash Metropolitan’ was the product of a joint deal between Nash and BMC, and was sold through Austin dealers here in Britain until 1961.

What many people forget though, is that the Nash name itself was phased out in the US as early as 1957, with Metropolitan becoming a brand in its own right. And the same thing happened to the Nash Rambler.

With Rambler now a marque rather than a model, a range of different versions was available. And some were even sold in Britain (imported by London-based Nash Concessionaires Ltd), hence this 1960 advert showing the Rambler Classic 6 Station Wagon and Rambler American of that year.

Priced from £1630, they were an expensive choice compared with their British contemporaries, but the importer was insistent they were worth the money – particularly the Rambler Classic 6, with its “new aluminium engine” and “acoustic fibreglass roof lining”.