By the time this US-market brochure was published in September 1978, the MG Midget was nearing the end of its days. The following year would see the final one roll out of Abingdon, leaving American fans mourning its loss.

Despite its age, the latest Midget was still a popular choice among young American buyers who were looking for open-top fun. And that’s why this particular brochure featured a surfing theme, filled with photographs of wind surfers and a headline that boasted: “Waves of excitement at a price that’s a breeze.”

The price remained a selling point throughout, with the brochure claiming there was “…no other true sports car sold in America that costs less than a Midget.” And that meant there was enough left over to invest just $6.25 in an official MG T-shirt; all you had to do was write to British Leyland Motors Inc. and wait four to six weeks for delivery.