When Austin Rover released the official press photographs of its exciting new mid-engined MGF on March 7, 1995, it made sure there were plenty of images of the new two-seater sportster with its hood down. This, after all, was a proper sports car; and open-top motoring is what it was all about.

With the photographs having been taken during the tail end of the winter months, however, it was also appropriate to show the MGF as an all-weather car, which helps to explain why this particular shot of the 1.8i VVC flagship showed it with its optional hard-top in place – which, we have to say, was quite a handsome item.

By specifying the extra-cost hard-top when you ordered your new MGF, you could be as snug during the winter months as if you were driving a regular saloon. It’s just that you’d be having a lot more fun along the way.