Even back in the ’Seventies, the month of January would see the arrival of TV adverts for summer holidays, tempting us to visit Spain… or maybe Skegness.

Anyone who’d invested in their own Fiat Amigo Spacemaker motorhome, however, could ignore such marketing; all they had to do was choose their favourite campsite and head for the open road, with 35bhp at their disposal from the 903cc engine.

The Amigo was built by Motor Caravan Conversions and was one of the most affordable models of its type. Being based around the diminutive Fiat 900T panel van, it was also one of the smallest at just 3.73 metres in length.

So did that make the Amigo only a two-berth model? Nope! Not only did it offer a generously proportioned double bed (“Six feet three inches long and nearly four feet wide” boasted Fiat), its elevating roof could sleep as many as three children. No, really!