We’re big fans of the Citroën Deux Chevaux here at Torque Monkeys, and not just for its fuel economy and unmistakeable Gallic charm. No, we’re also admirers of the 2CV’s robustness and its ability to traverse all kinds of weather and terrain, taking the most hostile of conditions in its stride. By economical utility car standards, it’s always been something of a go-anywhere specialist.

This old press photograph reinforces the point, showing a 2CV tackling with aplomb a severe snowstorm. In fact, thanks to its front-wheel drive lay-out, lightweight design and impressive ground clearance, there’s not much in the way of snowy conditions that can halt a Deux Chevaux in its path.

Who needs an expensive new 4×4 for winter conditions when a classic 2CV will always see you through? Well, nearly always. If you’ve any tales of tough-terrain antics enjoyed at the wheel of a Deux Chevaux, do write in and share your experiences below.