Dating back to 1973 is this launch-year brochure for the Allegro, which it hailed as “The new driving force from Austin”. Inside, meanwhile, came a selection of A4-size leaflets, each one dedicated to a different model in the extensive Allegro range.

From the 1100 and 1300 Deluxe through to the 1750 Sport and Sport Special, every Allegro was given its own double-sided promotion to explain the features that could be found inside each of the cars – including the early Allegro’s now-legendary ‘quartic’ steering wheel.

Ah yes, remember that? British Leyland must have known that a non-circular steering wheel would be controversial, but that didn’t stop the company from boasting about its advantages: “This might sound like a gimmick. But it isn’t. It’s more square shaped than circular so it gives you a much better look at your instruments when you’re driving. It also lets you get in and out of the car more easily.”