Well, not quite. Back in 1985, however, the company was boasting about the ancestry of its name when it said “if it had not been for a 13th century Luton landowner, Fulkes de Brealte, we wouldn’t be who, or indeed where, we are today”. 

Why? This advert explained more: “For it was his London house on the south bank of the Thames, Fulkes Hall, which gave rise to the area becoming known as Vauxhall.” You learn something new every day, it seems.

There was more to this ad than a history lesson, although it did go on to mention some of Vauxhall’s most successful early cars, including “the 1911 Prince Henry, arguably Britain’s first true sports car”.  

But, of course, the main aim was to promote the current line-up, including the MkII Cavalier and MkII Astra, the latter having recently been crowned 1985 Car of the Year: “Designed by computers, it offers increased economy, speed and interior space.”