Halfords recently posted its latest roadworthiness report, which examines UK roads in 2019 with regards to accidents and breakdowns. Alarmingly, its findings suggest that 70% of accidents happen due to driver error.

The data is sourced from the Department for Transport and highlights that while 70% is down to driver error, 39% of this was down to driver/rider failing to look properly, and 22% failing to judge another person’s speed or path.

Findings like these provide the evidence that governments and manufacturers alike are looking for when pathing out their goals for the future; more specifically with regards to autonomous driving. The latest round of technology has seen the introduction of automatic braking, lane change assists and blind spot detection become the norm across the board, to help iron out the driver errors pointed out in this report.

Other more alarming data comes in the form of basic knowledge when it comes to driving; 55% of the 22,387 drivers who took the roadworthiness quiz were unaware of the impact a wet surface can have on stopping distance, 62% of drivers didn’t know the drink drive legal limit and 62% of drivers were confused as to what is and isn’t legal when driving in the UK. This lack of understanding goes hand in hand with our recent article with regards to young drivers who were unable to perform basic checks on their vehicle.

The lack of understanding when it comes to road-worthiness continues to become alarming with the report suggesting that of the 22,387 motorists that took the quiz, 40% of motorists had no idea what the minimum legal tread tyre depth is. In turn, 33% of the 2199 accidents attributed to defective vehicles were as a result of illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres, a basic check that could have prevented the 719 accidents.

To view the full report visit Halfords Autocentres blog.