The motorsport world lost an icon when Murray Walker passed away on March 13 aged 97. Here, we celebrate his life with some of his best moments.

With the sad passing of Murray Walker on March 13, the motoring world said goodbye to one of its greatest icons. Synonymous with Formula 1 and motorsport more generally for decades, Walker’s career started in 1949 and continued into the new millennium. Over that time, his unique turns of phrase and frenetic descriptions of unfolding on-track dramas helped produce some of the most memorable TV moments in history.

Walker’s boundless enthusiasm for motor racing was infectious; his commentary had the power to enthrall and entertain in equal measure. He was a highly respected by fans and drivers alike across multiple generations of his beloved sport. Murray Walker will sorely missed by all at Classics World.

As a small celebration of the great man and his commentary genius, we’ve picked out some of our favourite Murray Walker moments. See below for a collection of just some of the many ‘Murrayisms’ from across his illustrious career – from iconic gaffes to sharp-witted quips.

Our favourite Murray Walker moments

“Anything happens in Grand Prix racing, and it usually does.”

“You might not think that’s cricket, and its not: it’s motor racing.”

“There’s nothing wrong with the car except that it’s on fire.”

“Excuse me while I interrupt myself.”

“I’m going for first says John Cleland!” – as an in-car shot shows a BTCC driver making a rude gesture to another.

“The battle is well and truly on if it wasn’t on before  –  and it certainly was.”

“Alesi is the man who is closest to the man in front of him at the present moment.”

“I’ve no idea what Eddie Irvine’s orders are but he’s following them superlatively well.”

“And I’ve got to stop because I’ve got a lump in my throat.” – as Damon Hill crosses the line to win the 1996 Formula 1 world championship.

“The car upside down is a Toyota.”

“With half the race gone there is half the race still to go.”

“The lead car is unique, except for the one behind it which is identical.”

“Keep it sideways, fling it onto the chalk, keep it there, avoid Mabbs’ Bank… which he does not do!” – One of the first examples of Walker’s ‘commentator curse’ as the Mini of Keith Ripp crashes after hitting a bank during a mid-1970s Rallycross event at Lydden Hill.

Murray Walker

“The first three cars are all Escorts, which isn’t surprising because they’re all Escorts in this race.”

“This circuit is interesting because it has inclines and declines. Not just up but down as well.”

“Eight minutes past the hour here in Belgium – and presumably eight minutes past the hour everywhere in the world.”

“That’s history. I say history because it happened in the past.”