The RAC has advised motorists to prepare their cars for their summer staycation as millions expected to take to the road

The RAC is warning motorists to start preparing their cars now in readiness for staycation getaways, to lessen the risk of breakdowns spoiling their summer plans.

With overseas travel restricted, millions are expected to take to the roads of the UK. The risk of breakdowns may also rise because motorists are planning to holiday much further away from home than normal.

A third of drivers who took a staycation in 2020 say they will be driving greater distances in 2021, planning to explore new areas of the country. Nearly six in 10 say their staycation will be more than 150 miles from home, while 17 per cent will travel more than 300 miles.

“A second ‘staycation summer’ in a row, now looks like a certainty and will mean millions of us relying on our cars to get us wherever we want to go,” said RAC spokesperson Rod Dennis. “Busier roads, especially in the heat, can mean a sudden sharp increase in breakdowns, so we’re calling on every driver to check their car is ‘road ready’ and isn’t about to let them down.”

With more classics set to be used for holiday trips, plus the likelihood of encountering more traffic en route to shows and events, the requirement to ensure your vehicle is in good health is more important than ever.

Some breakdowns are inevitable, but time spent inspecting your classic before a journey could make all the difference.