Porsche GB is celebrating 40 years of the 928 model by entering a 1978 928 into the 2017 season of the HSCC 70s Road Sport Championship, with racing legend Richard Attwood at the wheel.

In 1977, Porsche launched the all-new front-engined sports car. Originally designed as a replacement for the 911, the 928 was a luxurious grand tourer powered by a Porsche-designed 240bhp 4.5-litre V8 unit. The car was designed with weight in mind and featured body panels made of aluminium rather than traditional sheet steel.

Despite the 928 never actually replacing the 911, it secured a place in Porsche’s history as a great luxury GT car and the last of the traditional 2-door, transaxle models.

British racing driver Richard Attwood raced for the BRM, Lotus and the Cooper Formula One teams, competing in 17 World Championship Grand Prix, achieving one podium and scoring a total of 11 championship points. He was also a successful sports car racing driver and won the 1970 24 Hours of Le Mans race, driving a Porsche 917. He is currently leading his class in the HSCC competition with just two more meetings until the end of the season.

As part of Porsche GB’s support of its heritage, it now has four dedicated Porsche Classic Partners in Glasgow, Hatfield, Leeds and Swindon, which are equipped with classic experience to provide support and parts for its historical models, as well as offering classic Porsche vehicles for sale.

Business development manager for Porsche GB James Toye said: “Porsche Classic is highly committed to prolonging the service life of every classic Porsche, offering experts who combine service and advice with the relevant expertise and enthusiasm. Each Classic Partner showroom has a Classic Corner, featuring vehicles and parts displays that tell you at first glance that you and your classic car are at the right address.”