A North-South divide into MoT failure has been revealed by new data from tyre fitter and supplier Protyre.

Following the introduction of a more stringent test last year, five of the top six areas for failures are in the Midlands or the North of England – while five of the top six areas for passes are in the South of England. This is in stark contrast to 2017, when the North overall had the lowest MOT fail rate in England and Wales.

In the seven months following the new regulations, around 25 per cent of all MoTs were failed in Cumbria and at least 20 per cent were failed in Leicestershire and Warwickshire. Cumbria (20 per cent) and Greater Manchester had the largest increases in MoT fails

In contrast, Oxfordshire and Hampshire had the highest proportion of MOT passes (95 per cent or over) followed by the Bristol and Somerset area, the Lancashire and Merseyside area, Wiltshire and Essex. The anomaly was Devon and Cornwall, which matched Cumbria’s 25 per cent failure rate.