Coming soon to Quest is a brand new motoring show – SALVAGE HUNTERS: CLASSIC CARS – which will star antiques supremo Drew Pritchard. Known for his amazing knowledge of antique collectibles and artefacts, Drew’s first love is cars – he is a huge petrolhead, with a keen eye for collector vehicles.

Now Drew is embarking on an exciting new venture in classic cars, and has enlisted the expertise of motoring guru Paul Cowland for his new venture. Paul, (star of Discovery’s motoring series Turbo Pickers) will star alongside Drew; he has years of experience in the industry, and will bring his extensive mechanical knowledge and business acumen to the new project.

In the brand new series, SALVAGE HUNTERS: CLASSIC CARS , which launches on Quest (Freeview, channel 37) on January 17th at 9pm, Drew will find, buy, fix and sell classic cars, while Paul will bring his extensive knowledge and motoring acumen, to restore Drew’s finds to their former glory.

While Paul and Drew share a passion for cars, when it comes to work, sparks might fly as their different approaches come to the fore! Drew’s instinctual taste is drawn to style, story and beauty; he likes to buy objects that ‘speak’ to him. Countering Drew’s passion however, is Paul’s drilled-in practicality; he’s market-savvy and can spot an opportunity, and whilst he takes risks, he isn’t afraid to walk away either.

The combination of Drew’s expert eye and deal-making skills matched with Paul’s extensive mechanical knowledge and business acumen makes this new venture an exciting journey. Plus, in true salvage style, Drew’s professionally trained eye will be seeking out the best motoring memorabilia along the way!