The automatic six-month extension on MoT expiry dates looks set to remain in place for the time being, despite calls for it to end. Should MoT extensions continue amidst Covid-19?

In a written response to the Independent Garage Association, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said the extension is constantly under review, but will remain in place until a safe way for conducting MoTs can be found. Shapps also said that the government needs to work out a way to ensure there is ‘sufficient capacity’ when tests are reintroduced.

The automatic extension began on March 30 to assist key workers. Much of the industry had hoped the six-month extension would be cancelled in line with car dealers and garages opening fully on June 1, but as we went to press, it was still set to remain in place until March 2021.

Meanwhile, many may have assumed that the extension still applies if you take your vehicle for its MoT and it fails, but this is not the case. Your vehicle will need to be fixed and pass its MoT before you can use it again.