The current rolling six-month MoT extension scheme brought in during the lockdown will cease at the end of this month, with the Government confirming that it will reintroduce mandatory MoT testing from August 1 in line with gradually easing lockdown restrictions and rising traffic levels.

All cars, vans and motorcycles that required an MoT test after March 30 were given an automatic six-month extension of their expiry date, in part to free up garages for repair work to essential workers’ vehicles. This meant cars with an extension could be driven on the road as long the car was kept in ‘roadworthy’ condition. The scheme was set to run until March 2021, but will now only apply to MoT certificates set to expire before the beginning of August.

Figures from the Department for Transport (DfT) show that more than 90 per cent of UK garages are now operating as restrictions have eased, with testing capacity now at 70 per cent of normal levels. Baroness Vere, roads minister, said: “As people return to our roads, it is vital that motorists are able to keep their vehicles safe. Garages across the country are open and I urge drivers who are due for their MOT to book a test as soon they can.”

Should you wish to take advantage of any extension, we’d recommend that you keep an eye on your tyres, brakes and other safety essentials. However, with garages introducing social distancing policies, entering your car for an MoT test as soon as it’s safe to do seems like the best policy. It could also help alleviate appointment congestion from the end of September, when extensions will begin to expire and likely create an extra backlog for garages to deal with. There’s also the prospect of a March-to-August hangover when demand is slow, which could put some garages at risk.